Patrick “Star27” Deignan and his work seek to discover a beauty in the flaws of the human condition. A self taught oil painter who delved into the arts at a young age, seeking refuge from his inner demons, he found a love for the figure very early on. After a very uncreative period in his life, a near-fatal night occurred at the age of twenty seven. Encouraged to pick up his brush again, Patrick adopted his moniker “Star27” and found a love for the process he had lost since childhood.

Driven by obsession, his work encourages a wordless dialog, engaging the viewer in a glimpse into a world where our darkest secrets and most intimate moments are shared. Though an unabashed attention to color, Deignan conveys pure, raw emotion from his subjects that resonate in the viewer. The works are telling stories of our vices, shortcomings, and weaknesses. They speak of our freewill, and our predisposition to err. Being reflections of his deepest feelings and experiences, the work, like Patrick himself, grow, change, become more complicated or simplified; continuing to evolve with each new piece.


Solo Shows

Dysphoria, March 2012, Collective Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
Bad Obsession, May 2011, The Congregation Gallery, Hollywood, CA

Moon Goddess Exhibition, Modern Eden, San Francisco, CA. October
TBA, The Alternative Cafe, Riveside, CA., September
Wasted, WWA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA., June
Marvelous Humans, Articulated Gallery, San Francisco, CA, March
Hunters, Rothic Art Haus, Anaheim, CA., February

Annual Halloween Exhibit, MF Gallery, New York, NY, October
25th Anniversary Master’s Collection, La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, CA, October
I Want My Music Video, Gallery Meltdown, Los Angeles, CA, Oct
La Luz de Jesus, Group Show, March. Los Angeles, CA

Blood Sweat, and Fears, Sacred Gallery NYC, New York, NY, Oct.
Lowbrow Tarot Project, La Luz de Jesus, Oct 2010, Los Angeles, CA, Oct., Curated by Aunia Kahn
The Damned (Featured artist), Oct., Detroit, MI
A Trip Worthwhile, The Alternative Café, Seaside CA, Sept.
New Breed, Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY., Aug.
8th Deadly Sin, The Congregation Gallery, Los Angeles, CA., March
La Luz de Jesus, Group Show, March. Los Angeles, CA

The Damned, Detroit, MI, Oct.
Dark Art 3, Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center. Ft .Myers, FL, Oct. Curated by Curse Mackey
Friends Stoning Friends, Jinxed, Philadelphia, PA. August. Curated by JoKa
“Big Tuna” Alcove Gallery, Decatur, GA. JulySolid One Gallery, Los Angeles CA., May 2009
SHRINE, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles CA., May 2009
Menace to Propriety, Fenario Gallery, Eugene, OR. TBA
Dark and creepy to Bold and Fruity, 2 Person Show, Zathra’s Studio and Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY, May.
La Luz de Jesus, Group Show, March. Los Angeles, CA
Art Raw Gallery, Inaugural Exhibit. February. NYC.
Dirty Show, February. Detroit, MI.
Eclectix Gallery, “Fierce”, El Cerrito, CA.

La Luz de Jesus, Cream of the Crop, Summer Annual Group Show, 6 Hand-Picked Artists, Aug. 2008, Los Angeles, CA
Darkest Dreams A Lighted Way, Group Show, July 2008, St. Louis, MO
Undercurrent Arts, In the Lives of Dolls, March 2009, Group Exhibition Featuring: Aliza Augustine, Maria de la Vega, Ursula Sokolowska, and Star27
La Luz de Jesus, Group Show, March 2008, Los Angeles, CA
The Hive Gallery, Group Show, March 2008, Los Angeles, CA
Art Whino Group Show/ Artist Residency, February 22, 2008, 717 N. Saint Asaph St, Alexandria, VA,

Star Gazing, Group Show, The Arts Center, St. Petersburg FL


Anormal Mag


Art and Addiction, John Hopkins University Press, 2010.
La Luz de Jesus 25, La Luz de Jesus Press/Last Gasp, coming October 2011.